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Replica Game Mask

This was a medium resolution print (200 Micron) replica of a video game mask. The stand for the mask was printed at low resolution (300 Micron). Link to 3D Model by WeeMadSausage

The Print

Due to the shape of the mask model support material is printed along with it and must be removed before proceeding. The photo to the right shows the mask after the support material has been removed.

Surface Smoothing

To smooth out the model a special 2 part Epoxy resin was used and applied with a paint brush. This resin is excellent for smoothing out steap curves and provides a little smoothing for shallow curves.

Preparing the Model for Painting

To prepare the model for painting it was cleaned up with needle files and sanding pads before applying a white base coat.

Painting the Base Colours

This is an essintial set to make sure that the mask has the colours wanted in the final product. Painting the base colours on the mask required multiple coats to give an even coat.

Using Washes

Once the model has been painted with the base colours a series of washes and highlights were used. Coloured washes were used on the lower spikes while a soft tone ink wash was used on the main body of the model to highlight some of the ridges and give it the look of a wood carving. In most cases the washes used were simply watered down paints. Adding Final Details To finish off this model a lot of free hand line work was done as can be seen with the white and orange lines. When adding these lines the base colours were kept close by to allow for touch ups as required. The stand for the mask was a much simpler paint job, it was smoothed, base coated, then painted in a bright gold and finished with a soft tone ink wash to dull the gold.