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Print Set-up

Set-up includes: Importing the .STL file for print Arranging mutiple items on print bed (if applicable) Adding support materials for print (if applicable) Basic model repair (if required)

Standard Printing PLA/ABS

Prints are available in a variety of colours for both PLA and ABS, subject to availability. Standard 3D printing available at three resolutions: High - 100 Microns Standard - 200 Microns (Recommended for most prints) Low - 300 Microns (Recommended for lower detail prints) Note: 100 Microns = 0.1mm

Dual Extrusion Printing PLA/ABS

Dual extrusion printing allows for an item to be printed in two different coloured plastics. Please note that dual extrusion prints can take more time to print and use more material and therefore have an additional cost.

Special Materials

There are some special materials available for your prints. Special materials currently available include: Blue glow in the dark PLA Green Glow in the dark ABS Special materials to look out for in the future: Metallic finish filaments Wood grain filaments (made with real wood) PVA support material for use with PLA (Dissolves in water)

Removal of Support Material

Epoxy Surface Smoothing

For an additional cost your print can be cleaned up and given a thin coat of a special epoxy to smooth the surface.


Special Material is any other Material listed other than PLA or ABS. For prints requiring special materials or certain colours please allow for longer lead times as they are not all kept in stock.
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