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The Print

Due to the shape of the wolf model support material is printed along with the wolf and must be removed before proceeding. The photo to the right shows the wolf after the support material has been removed.

Adding a Base

Mounting your model to a base makes for a nices display and also makes the model stable. The base used here was a 25mm round MDF base and it was simply attached will a good quality super glue.

Preparing the Model for Painting

After mounting the wolf to the base diamond needle files were used to remove excess plastic and support material. Following that the base was given texture using pumice paste and allowed to dry.

Base Coating the Model

Base coating models is important as it allows your selected paint(s) to coat evenly and stick to the model. The easiest way to base coat miniatures is with a spray paint.

Painting the Model

Once the model is base coated all that remains is to paint your model in your selected colour scheme. Techniques used in painting this model included wet brush, ink washing and dry brushing.

Wolf Miniature

This was a high resolution print (100 Micron) of a wolf that was mounted to an MDF base, cleaned up and painted. Minitaures like this are great for use in dioramas, role playing games, table top games and board games (such as monopoly). See details below. Link to 3D Model by 3ddrew